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Mental Models Game - Updated Second Edition of 2019

Mental Models Game - Updated Second Edition of 2019

Mental Models Game is a card game that improves team performance, well-being and creativity by helping people to talk and understand each other better.

Please note! 
This is the 2nd, updated version of the game. I think it is better now! We have updated some of the questions, and the size is now 70mm x 120mm. And it comes with a beautiful box. We will start shipping in 4th week of February 2019. Cards are printed by a family run company in Italy. Designed with love and care in Finland.

About the Mental Models Game
Mental Model Game helps you to understand your own and your team members mental models, i.e. the way to see the world and also the ways of working. If you know what your friend means by e.g. the word "soon" or " you will know what to expect. Usually it takes a lot of time to learn that unless you consciously talk about it. And that's why you should play the mental models game. You will learn how you and your team mates think. And that makes all the difference.

To better understand each other when we talk and work together.

Key Outcomes?
Shared understanding about concepts related to communication, teamwork, leadership etc.
You will learn how the game works and can play with your own team.
Plenty of meaningful questions.

In a fun and interactive way.
You create the game, so you get to talk about issues that interest you.

For Whom?
To leaders, coaches, consultants, facilitators and other people interested in making the organisations better places to work for us all.

The Mental Models Game includes:
5 Instruction cards
4 Presentation Mode Cards
4 Operative Mode Cards
50+ Powerful Question Cards on various domains such as leadership, strategy, life, team learning, facilitation, design etc.
6 Empty Question Card Templates for you to inspire to customise the game
2 Warm Up cards
4 Check In Cards
4 Check Out Cards
Total number of cards included in the deck is 85. 

You can check the full playlist of videos about the Mental Models Game here. More info about the game via email or by phone +358 40 731 2084.
64 EUR